Development Funding is a form of funding suitable for experienced builders and developers that require progress payments during the construction period of their project.

Suitable Development Funding Projects

Development funding will require the assistance of an expert finance broker who has the required skills and experience to negotiate development finance on your behalf to fund any of the following projects:

  • Residential construction
  • Commercial property
  • Industrial property
  • Retail property
  • Land subdivisions

What Information do I need to provide for a Development Funding approval?

Lenders/credit providers will need to a professionally prepared feasibility on the project will require you to provide the following information:

  • Your experience as a property developer
  • The location of your proposed development
  • Development Type (Residential or Commercial)
  • The profit potential of the development (Return on Investment)
  • The amount of contribution / equity to the development project
  • Copy of the planning consent and Plans – Comparable evidence for the resales may be required.
  • A fixed price quote from a licenced builder

So when you apply for development finance, you should have all the required information available so that the lender/credit provider can review and assess your funding proposal.

Non Bank Lenders/credit providers and private lenders, are better equipped to offer you access to funds for your required building or development project compared to Banks. They can help you to secure the required finance so that you can fund all the stages of the construction cycle:

> From financing the initial purchase of the land

> Through to progressive construction draw-downs, and

> To enable you to cover all the approval costs

Non Conforming Loans has a team of expert finance brokers who will help you in getting the right Development Funding solution no matter your credit profile.