Non Conforming Loans

Go to Non Conforming Loans when Your Bank Say’s NO!

Non Conforming Loans have Non Bank Lending Solutions for Borrowers that don’t fit traditional lending criteria. We are the experts in finding ways to assist with your loan approval.

We can assist with non conforming loans for purchase, refinance, cash out, ATO debts, debt consolidation, and much more. Our lenders are happy to think ‘outside the box’ for all types of non conforming loan scenarios.

So, if you’ve been finding the Banks won’t consider your application for finance.  Non Conforming Loans may have a lending solution for You.

bad credit home loans

Bad credit home loans are available for applicants that have a past or present poor credit history.  What’s more bad credit loans allow funding for of a purchase, debt consolidation or refinance of Residential zoned property.

Moreover defaults or judgement’s can be paid or unpaid with arrears or late payments acceptable to our funding lines.

Bad Credit Home Loans are available for both PAYG Employees and for Self Employed.  Futhermore bad credit home loans are available in both Full Doc and Low Doc Options.

Non Conforming Loans are available to a maximum of 95% of property value on purchase and 90% on refinance.

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low doc home loans australia

Australia has more than two million independent contractors or self employed. Low Doc Home Loans are designed for these self employed Australian who do not have up to date financial statements. Furthermore we have Home Loans for both clean credit and bad credit for Purchase, Refinance, Consolidation and for cash out. In addition Vacant Land and Construction Loans for Residential Zoned Properties are available at lower LVR’s.  Verification of income can include either an Accountant’s letter, 6 months BAS statements or 3>6 months of bank statements. In addition a combination of any above verification can suffice in applying for a Low Doc Home Loan.

Low doc home loans are available to 85% of property value on a purchase and 85% on a refinance.

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discharged bankrupt home loans

We have home loans for discharged bankrupts or Part 9 bankruptcy applicants who have been discharged for 1 day. We can lend up to 95% of the property value on a purchase and up to 90% on a refinance.

Our funders can also lend up to 85% of the property value on a purchase or 80% on a refinance as a low doc on a residential zoned property.

We are unable to lend to current Bankrupts or Part 9 unless for annulments or paying out debt agreements.

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Low Doc Home Loans Approved

Borrowers have become a victim of Lenders tightening their credit policies to keep the cost of their funding down. A vast majority of these borrowers are more than capable of servicing a loan but don’t comply with lender policies.

Non Conforming Funding Lines will lend to a loan value of 95% on a purchase and 90% on a refinance.

Non Conforming Loans is uniquely qualified to assist borrowers who fall outside the traditional lending criteria.

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debt consolidation loans

A Debt Consolidation Home Loan allows you to consolidate multiple debts from various sources or institutions.  Debts such as a home loan, personal loan, credit card or other high interest loans can be consolidated.

If you are having trouble paying these multiple debts off and have late repayments or a bad credit history then it could make sense to roll all these debts together with a debt consolidation home loan with Bad Credit.

Furthermore our debt negotiators specialise in dealing with credit providers and helping individual’s and businesses reduce the debts owed.

Importantly, no reduction of your unsecured debt – NO FEE… it’s that simple

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commercial property loans

Commercial Property Loans cover most commercial funding options and are available in Full Doc, Low Doc and Lease Doc.  Furthermore we have funding for both clean credit and credit impaired options for Commercial Zoned Property for high population locations.

What’s more our maximum lending is 80% LVR on both purchases and refinance of standard Commercial Property Loans. Furthermore to 75% LVR on Lease Doc Loans for clean credit applicants and to 75% LVR for Bad Credit.

In addition funding available for property purchases, refinancing, cash out, working capital, paying out tax debts and business debts.

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Expat Home Loan

If you are an Australian citizen living and working overseas it is still possible to get a mortgage. You can buy an investment property in Australia with an expat home loan up to 80% LVR.

An expat is deemed to be any person that holds an Australian Citizenship and resides and is employed overseas.

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Non Resident Loans

A non resident home loan in Australia refers to a type of mortgage designed for individuals who are not Australian citizens or permanent residents. Non resident home loans can be used to purchase or refinance an owner occupied or investment property up to 80% LVR.

Non residents typically include foreign investors and temporary visa holders.

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Looking to get a new motor vehicle, fleet of trucks, or the latest plant and equipment to take your business to the next level.

We can provide finance for a wide range of options for both Commercial and Consumer Asset Purchases.

Finance available in either Full Doc, Low Doc with both Clean Credit and Bad Credit options.

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private lenders

Private lenders are stepping in to fill the borrowing gap with more flexible ways to prove income and more willing to take on your risks.

Funds can be used for commercial property investment purposes, equity out for investment in shares or for business purposes.  Furthermore these options include working capital, development finance, land banking, development sites and land subdivision.

Moreover a Development Loan, Land Banking, caveat loans, first mortgages and second mortgages are the perfect fit for you.

In addition private lenders can lend you up to 70% LVR on an as is valuation.

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Hear what some of our clients have to say about Non Conforming Loans

I cannot speak highly enough of Non Conforming Loans and the service they provided me. I had run out of options and wasn’t sure where to turn to next.

Currently living in Tasmania (originally from Sydney) there were limited options for assistance.

After some researching I reached out to Non Conforming Loans and Ray responded in an informative positive professional manner without judgment and set about finding the best solution for me.

Again, his diligent manner proved to be successful in setting the positive financial path I am now on.  Furthermore I cannot thank him enough for everything.

Moreover I would not hesitate to use Ray and Non Conforming Loans services again or recommend them to anyone else.

Sharon B from Tasmania

Hi Sharon,

Virtual flowers don`t really say enough for all that you have done for me and my family.  Our days will be brighter now because of you and your commitment to making this happen for us.

From the bottom my heart I thank you for not defining or judging me on my financial situation. It`s difficult to face these situations but you made it bearable by not judging and always treating me with respect.

Keep doing what you do Sharon. I will tell anyone that will listen what a legend broker you are.

Thank you again Lana xx

Lana S, from The Northern Territory

I was going through severe financial hardships after a family break down and was heavily in debt. Moreover contacted Non Conforming Loans and that’s how I got in touch with Sasha.

In addition Sasha is a great listener and he understood my situation very well. On our first phone call he was very clear on what I could expect to happen through out during the process. He is a very determined person and gives very personal attention to his cases.

Mine was a very complex case and the only thing I had to do was just scan and send documents. Sasha did all of the leg work including debt negotiation and helping me with property transfer and kept me informed.

At no point did I ever feel that I will not reach the outcome I am expecting. Sasha was very positive and he always had a plan B if something failed. Eventually I was able to consolidate all my debts and improved my financial situation. I am now in much better control of my situation. The only feedback I have is I don’t think Non Conforming Loans is advertised as much as they should because there are many more individuals out there who needs help like I did.

Finally, thank you Sasha and the team at Non Conforming Loans.

Arup B from Canberra ACT

We could not have handed Non Conforming Loans a more difficult set of circumstances.  I reached out and issued the challenge to see if I could qualify for funding. True to his word, Ray was open and honest throughout the entire process he delivered in spades.”

Furthermore I was turned away from every other broker I contacted, filed in the “Too Hard Basket”.

I had all but lost hope when I contacted Ray, but as they say “the best was saved for last”.

In addition I am so grateful to Ray for helping us where others refused to venture Ray found a way.

Our loan is an affordable competitive solution that allowed me to acquire the home of my dreams. The bottom line is I would not be in my own home again if not for the outstanding over and above effort from Ray.

Thank you!

Adam G from Melbourne

Thanks Leanne,

I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done to help me, you have gone above and beyond. Furthermore I will be forever grateful.

Moreover the pressure this has taken from myself and my boys is unbelievable. My boys now get to stay on their home and their mum gets to stop being so grumpy.

Again, from the bottom of my heart Thank You .🙏😊

And furthermore I look forward to doing business with you again some time soon.



Georgia M, from North Queensland

Working with Sasha from Non Conforming Loans was the best decision we’ve made. Sasha’s experience and knowledge in this industry assisted us in resolving our unique and complicated situation.

Sasha demonstrated both a willingness and ability to understand our needs.  He then tailored a solution that suited both ourselves and the financier.

I have recommended working with Sasha from Non Conforming Loans to many of my colleagues. I am greatly impressed with his efforts and the results he delivers. His attention to detail and high level of customer service is what all great brokerage businesses should strive for.

Tara S from Gerringong NSW

Ray Ethell! is the single most helpful broker I have had the pleasure to encounter and work with. I had some challenging circumstances to work with and Ray has been nothing short of amazing.

From initial contact, clearly articulating what I would need to do to get the loan approved.  Conditional approval in 24 hours and unconditional approval in 1 week.  Through Covid-19, was just incredible, especially when I had heard from a number of Real Estate agents that approvals were taking 28- 60 days to obtain!

I cannot recommend Ray enough and suggest that anyone, challenging circumstances or not, contacts him and follows his advice. You will not be disappointed.

Cathy M from Perth

I would like to acknowledge the exceptional service I received from Sasha Anitei with refinancing and consolidation.  Moreover we had several big debts along with a part 9 debt agreement that needed consolidating. Furthermore we were in severe financial hardship and did not know what to do. Thankfully we found Sasha at Non Conforming Loans who took a huge weight off our shoulders.

He did all the debt negotiations, the savings and saved us with the emotional support throughout this process.  Sasha was so professional through all of this with us.

He was available day and night to answer my questions and listen to my tears. Sasha drove to our place to bring paperwork for us to sign which was above and beyond his job.

I cannot thank Sasha enough for all his hard work and  passion he showed us.

Finally, what  great guy and if anyone needs help go to this guy 100%.

Kate H from Dapto NSW

I were very fortunate to have the opportunity of working with Ray during a very uncertain time. Furthermore Ray was able to use his years of knowledge to guide us in being approved for our mortgage.

Ray was great to work with, with excellent customer service. Equally important he was able to make sure we understood how things worked. He worked hard to make it happen and we are so happy to have found him.

The whole process including signing and turning in documents was easy and Ray kept us updated along the way. Furthermore if we had any questions, he always responded quickly.

Ray is fantastic to deal with and we would recommend him to anyone looking for a non conforming loan.

Lisa B from Brisbane

Non conforming loans and in particular Mr Sasha Anitei,  have provided exceptional customer service, advice, guidance and most importantly delivered on a product that they stood behind and believed in.

My first encounter was several years ago when due to my partners ill health we fell behind on the mortgage.  We also had other repayment issues including being unable to service smaller loans. Our Bank was unable (or did not want to) assist with a debt consolidation loan to assist us to get back onto our feet despite being a loyal customer for over 23 years.

The option that our bank was providing was to declare bankruptcy and to sell the family home.

Thanks to the innovative thinking of Sasha from Non-Conforming Loans we were able to enter into a new housing loan that allowed us to keep our home and pay out the other outstanding debt.

Sasha kept us informed of the process all the way through and tirelessly answered all our questions, we were treated as people and not a number and for this we will always be thankful for.

Donna R from Canberra ACT