The housing market in Australia is going through a difficult period. The combination of high mortgage rates and stricter lending standards have made the market almost unaccessible for first-time buyers. In addition, the lack of supply has made it even more challenging for would-be homebuyers to get into the real estate market. The prices of houses across most major cities in Australia have fallen over the last 6 months, and there are no signs that this trend will reverse anytime soon. Real estate prices in other countries continue to fall as well. Most big cities in Europe are seeing falling property prices, while some countries like India and Brazil have experienced a price spike. We’re sure you’ve heard about the term “peak real estate” by now. Will this happen in Australia? Read on to find out more…

What Is “Peak Real Estate”?

The term “peak real estate” is used to describe the time when the supply of a certain kind of asset like property is greater than its demand. In other words, this is the point when the number of properties available for sale exceeds the number of people who want to buy them. This happens when there are more unsold houses than there are people interested in buying.

Will Real Estate Prices Drop In 2022 Australia?

There is no doubt that the housing market in Australia is going through a difficult period. It seems that every time there is a peak, prices go down again and this cycle will be happening for the foreseeable future. One of the reasons for the slump in real estate prices is that mortgage rates have increased significantly throughout much of 2022. So, with high rates and stricter lending standards, it’s very difficult to get into the market. This has made it even more challenging for first-time buyers to get into the market. The government also has been cracking down on foreign investors who they believe are fuelling demand in Australian real estate markets by purchasing properties as an investment rather than as an actual place to live. So, if you’re looking at investing in property down under, now would be a great time to do so! In conclusion, there’s no way to tell what will happen with house prices over the next five years. The fact is that we’re experiencing a serious slump right now and we don’t know how long this bear market will last. But from all indications, it will be years before we see any signs of a turnaround.

How Long It Takes For A Market To Peak

When analysing a market for signs of a potential peak, there are two main factors to consider. The first is the general trends that are going on in the real estate market as a whole. These trends can help to show whether or not you’re looking at a market that is peaking or not. The second factor is how long it typically takes for a market to peak. Sometimes, it only takes as little as one year before the market becomes uneconomical and prices fall dramatically. And sometimes, markets like New York City and London have taken upward of ten years to hit their peak. So what can you expect for the housing market in Australia?

Factors That Will Cause Real Estate Prices To Stay High

You might be wondering what the factors are that will cause real estate prices to stay high. It’s not just about supply and demand, but it’s also about regulations and taxes. In Australia, there are strict regulations set in place by the APRA and ASIC that make lending difficult for would-be homebuyers.  Additionally, stamp duty tax rates are high in Australia – meaning that first-time buyers will have to save up more money up front before they can purchase their first home. However, we don’t think these factors will continue to prevent the Australian housing market from recovering.

Factors That Will Cause Real Estate Prices To Decline

There are a number of factors that could cause the Australian housing market to decline. First, if there is the glut of properties on the market supply and demand will continue to struggle in the real estate market in Australia. Secondly, some major banks in Australia have tightened their lending standards significantly as of late. This has made it even more difficult for first-time buyers to get into the real estate market here. With stricter lending standards comes tougher competition for mortgage approvals and higher interest rates for those who do manage to secure a loan. And finally, high mortgage rates are another factor that may cause prices to drop across all property types in Australia. High mortgage rates encourage people to rent instead of buy since purchasing a home currently costs much more than renting an apartment or house outright.


Real estate prices in Australia will most likely drop in 2022. There are many factors that will cause prices to stay high, but the market will be declining by the end of the year. The factors that will cause the market to decline include an increase in construction and low interest rates. The factors that will cause the market to stay high include infrastructure, natural resources and a strong economy. While it’s impossible to predict what will happen to the Australian real estate market by 2022, what is certain is that this market is going to see some major changes in the coming years. “It will be important for Australians to keep an eye on the market, as it will help them make crucial decisions about their finances and potential investments” commented Ray Ethell MD of Non Conforming Loans Pty Ltd.