Major funders are cautious when approving cash out, in particular when they have little evidence of what you are doing with the money. This is because there are a small number of individuals who do not use their equity responsibly or do not use the funds for the purpose they tell the Funder.

Unlimited Cash Out

Releasing cash out of equity is considered by the banks to be very risky and they generally want to control cash out. We have funders that will allow unlimited cash out without controlling dispursements

Equity out for Business use

Most banks will refer you to business banking and charge you a higher rate, we have lenders that can consider giving you the discounts normally for home loans

Tax Debts to pay out

Most Banks and other lenders will not allow cash out to pay tax debts. We have funders on our panel that allow cash out for this purpose

Refinance Private Funders

Most major Lenders do not allow the refinance from Non conforming Lenders or Private Funders.

We have prime funders and specialist funders that will fund these loans up to 90% LVR.

Each loan has to be treated as an individual basis so it is important to deal with a broker that has several options and is experienced in this category of lending.

The above gives you an overview of product perimeters however it is best to phone or apply online so we can analyse your unique circumstance.


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