Low Doc Vacant Land

Low Doc Home Loans for Purchasing Vacant Land to 85% LVR. Generally due to the higher risk factor on vacant land, many lenders do not offer loans on this security.

Our Funders will require either an Accountants verification,  6 months BAS statements or 6 months of Business bank statements to lend to 80% lvr in high population areas inside major capital cities and regional locations with a standard residential zoning.


  • No tax returns or assessment notices.
  • No financial statements.
  • Income Verification is required by either Self Certification or Accountant Verification, BAS Statements or Business Bank Statements or a combination of above.


  • Generally a higher interest rate if loan is above 60% of the property value (LVR)
  • High Deposit Required

The matrix below gives you an overview of product perimeters however it is best to phone or apply online so we can analyse your unique circumstance.

Applicant type Individual Borrowers, Discretionary & Unit Trusts and Property Holding or Trading Companies.
Employment requirements Self employed – must be ABN registered. Must be GST registered if Income is over $75,000
PAYG Co-Applicants allowed (must provide full income proof).
Income: required proofs Case by Case depending on lender.
Either Self Certification with Accountant Verification or BAS Statements or Business Bank Statements or a combination of above.
Maximum Loan amount $750,000 to 80% LVR


Purpose Residential Vacant Land
Security type Most metropolitan and major regional centres (post code specific – please ring or email to check).
General acceptable Security includes:
Zoning of a Residential nature that permits residential usage House or Unit.
For exceptions to above please ring or email as there could be lenders available
LVR Up to 80% LVR on vacant land
Credit related issues Paid or unpaid defaults registered over 24 months and judgements accepted. Minor Defaults up to $1,000 ignored.Can be discharged Bankrupts
Where the reason is Impaired Credit‚ a detailed account of how and when the impairments occurred; as well as an explanation on how and why the event is no longer an ongoing concern with little likelihood of re-occurrence.
Variable, fixed or both Both
P&I, I/O, or both Both
Loan Term 1 to 30 years



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