Rural Loans in Full Doc & Low Doc

Securing rural finance requires the expertise of a specialist team. Our consultants are able to package your loan application and present it to the most appropriate lender.

Commercial lenders will evaluate your application based on a number of criteria and we are able to assist you in guiding you through this sometimes complicated process.

Applicant type All types
Location & Acceptable Securities Major and well regarded rural areas.
Dairy farms, beef / cattle or sheep, grazing, mixed cropping – other on application.
Income: required proofs Full Doc – 2 years Tax Returns and Assessment Notices
Lite Doc – Borrowers income declaration. Accountants letter. Need to demonstrate you can service overall debt position (ie by PAYG Certificate; BAS statements etc etc).
Loan amounts Full Doc from $100,000 > 10 million.
Low Doc from $100,000 > 1 million.
Purpose Purchase, refinance, debt consolidation, working capital and farm improvements, Family Farm Transfers, Purchase additional water rights
LVR Full Doc Loans up to *60% LVR
*Irrigated farm or Acceptable Average rainfall above 585 mm per annum according to the medium rainfall for the district as recorded by the Bureau of Meteorology.
Lite Doc > 50% LVR.
Coded, non-coded, or either Non coded
Credit related issues Considered at higher rates
Variable, fixed or both Both
P &I, I/O, or both Both
Loan Term Full Doc > 15 years
Lite Doc > 15 years
No Doc > 1 – 5 years
Acceptance Fee From 0.5% to 1% of loan (depending on lender)
Application Fee 1% of Loan
Mortgage Insurance No Mortgage Insurance Payable
Lenders Legals At Cost
Valuations At Cost

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