We are specialists in structuring complex financing solutions for commercial and residential property development.

We can provide construction and development finance that provides innovative and strategic alternatives to conventional development finance. Our consultants are trained to provide you with innovative finance solutions aimed at ensuring you maximize the return on your investment.

Development Finance can be structured in many ways, tailored to the specific needs of the project. Typical development funding structures fall into two main categories; hard cost based facilities and the GRV based facilities

We can offer:

  1. Construction Finance based on a percentage of hard costs to 80%.
  2. Construction Finance based on a percentage of Gross Realisation Ex GST & Selling Costs / maximum 70%.
  3. Mezzanine Finance
  4. Joint venture – J.V partner supplies 100% finance (project must have a min 30% ROI to consider).
  5. Land bank finance NO DOC without pre sale requirements (up to 80% on Residential & 75% on Commercial / Industrial / Retail & 70% on Vacant Land) up to $2,000,000 for 1-5 years
  6. Take out finance NO DOC up to 60% LVR to $2,000,000

Hard Cost Facilities

Hard Cost based facilities are typically offered by Banks and other major institutions. The loan amount is restricted to a maximum percentage of the actual hard costs of the project. Typically the maximum percentage is approximately 80% of the hard costs of the project.

Hard Cost Development facilities can fund up to 80% of the Total Development Costs
Loans up to $500M

GRV based facilities

Gross Realisable Value based facilities are based on the sale value of the project, on a cost to complete basis. The GRV based facility focuses on the profit potential of the project, and are typically sourced through private funding channels. By utilizing GRV based products means that potentially 100% of project costs can be funded.

GRV based facilities can fund up to 70% of the end value of the project (ex GST)
Loans up to $250M (lower rates for > 65% GRV)

Security We Accept:

  • Dual Occupancy, strata conversion.
  • Four Residential Units /Townhouses or less (retail construction loan).
  • 5-100 Residential Units, Industrial & Commercial.
  • Land Sub-divisions, residential and industrial (metropolitan and regional)
  • Rural Sub-Divisions- residential only.
  • Supermarket and Shopping Centres
  • Childcare Centres.

For a quote you will require as a minimum council approved plans.


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