Commercial Property Loans

Securing commercial finance requires the expertise of a specialist team. Our consultants are able to package your loan application and present it to the most appropriate lender.

Commercial lenders will evaluate your application based on a number of criteria and we are able to assist you in guiding you through this sometimes complicated process.

Applicant type Individuals, Companies, Trusts, Partnerships
Location Case by Case but Generally Capital City and Major Regional Population Areas.
Income: required proofs Full Doc: Last 2 years of lodged Financial including P&L & Balance Sheet + Personal returns if applicable.

Low Doc – Either / Accountants Declaration or 6 months of BAS or 6 months of Business Bank Statements

Lease doc –¬†Arms length lease to cover repayments less costs

Asset Lend – No proof of income required – Borrower must be Company or Trust with Interest & Fees Capitalised up to maximum LVR

Loan amounts $3,000,000 at 75% LVR (Full Doc, Low Doc and Lease Doc)

Up to $5,000,000 to 65% LVR (all products)

Purpose Property purchases, Refinancing of existing loan, Equity release for property improvement, investment, working capital and business expansion
LVR Full Doc Loans up to 75% LVR.
Low Doc Commercial Loans up to 75% LVR.
Lease Doc Loans up to 70% LVR.

Asset Finance (must be Company or Trust as Borrower)
Commercial > 65% LVR (including Capitalised interest and Fees)
Vacant Land > 55% LVR (including Capitalised interest and Fees)

Acceptable securities Strata offices and office blocks Industrial units, factories and warehouses Retail premises, including mixed use Professional rooms and suites
Credit related issues Considered to 75% on Full Doc and > 75% LVR on Low doc
Variable, fixed or both Both
P&I, I/O, or both Both
Loan Term 1 – 30 years (full doc, low doc & lease doc)
1 – 3 years Asset Finance
Establishment Fee TBA (depending on lender)
Brokers Fee Yes
Lenders Legals At Cost
Valuations At Cost

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