Home Loans for Bad Credit in Australia

All of those negative messages you hear about home loans for Bad Credit! I’m talking here about how it is commonly believed that if you have bad credit it’s virtually impossible to get a home loan, and if you do happen to get a home loan, then the interest rate will be so high it will be a feat in itself just meeting the repayments. In Australia, every Tom, Dick and Harry will tell you that bad credit is bad news when it comes to your prospects for a home loan, however, there is has been a breakthrough in the bad credit mortgage industry. To date, nobody has been brave enough to reveal it – until now!

The Breakthrough in Home Loans Bad Credit

Forget those negative messages you no doubt have been inundated with, compliments of the media, big lenders and the majority of mortgage brokers! As a home loans bad credit expert, I can honestly say that the negative messages are false. Here is a summary of the bad credit loan breakthrough:

A home loan is possible with bad credit

If you are suffering from the symptoms of bad credit (defaults, writs, repossessions, bankruptcies, judgements, etc), you can get a mortgage. The major lenders and most mortgage brokers will say you cannot, because they can’t help you. In their eyes, you’re too difficult to help. These guys simply want to nail the quickest, easiest sale and with bad credit, more running around is needed on their part to secure the loan that best suits your needs. A mortgage is possible with bad credit, because I secure them all the time and so do other good brokers who specialise in the area of bad credit mortgages.

The interest on a bad credit home loan won’t kill you

No doubt you have heard the messages that a bad credit loan will have huge interest rates that will cripple your already wounded money situation. The good news is that this isn’t the case. Due to the fact that bad credit is on the rise in Australia, the area of bad credit mortgages is more competitive, and that means the interest rates for such loans will also be a lot more appealing. It is possible to secure a bad credit mortgage without incurring huge interest rates.

Taking Advantage of the breakthrough and talk to a bad credit mortgage expert

Mark my words, you won’t be able to secure a home loan through a big lender or the majority of mortgage brokers. To secure a loan that works well for you, you will need to work with a bad credit mortgage expert. If you are suffering from bad credit and you’re looking to get into a home of your own, now is the time to take that first step towards a financially successful future. Reputable bad credit mortgage experts work with bad credit clients each day, and they secure competitive loans for them each day. Find out how you can as well and do something about your situation today!