Choose the right Mortgage Broker if you have Bad Credit

Been driving around your city recently? If so, you’ve probably seen the dozens of mobile mortgage brokers that are out there, busily rushing from meeting to meeting with prospective home buyers. Just recently when I was on the road, I spotted five in just ten minutes, and they were the marked cars! There are many more unmarked ones on the road on any given day, so you can tell – it’s a cut throat, super competitive industry. So given there are so many brokers out there, who do you choose to help you secure a loan? If you have bad credit and need a bad credit home loan solution, you better think twice about using a home-visiting mobile desperado!

I don’t want to put these brokers down, but…

…they won’t be able to help you secure a home loan if you have bad credit. The mortgage industry has taught these brokers to chase volume. After all, the more mortgages these brokers can secure, the more commissions and fees they make. The more time the brokers have, the more mortgages they can secure and the more money they make. The better the credit situation of an applicant, the quicker the mortgage deal is secured and closed. The easier it is for the mortgage broker to make money. If you have bad credit, the truth is, it takes a little longer for the broker to find the mortgage that suits you best. Add to this the fact that if you have bad credit, you will need to be taught good money management processes, and the majority of general mortgage brokers won’t be able to help you – they don’t have the time, and they don’t have the expertise when it comes to bad credit repair and loans.

You Need a Non Conforming Lender in the area of Bad Credit Mortgages!

You know the general mortgage brokers can’t help you if you have bad credit, and the banks won’t either. You need to enlist a bad credit mortgage broker who can work with you to get you well on the road to long-term financial success and into your own home. Non Conforming Loans understand bad credit, and they know what needs to be done to get you approved and back on the road to good credit. When you work with such specialists, you’ll see that it is possible to secure a bad credit mortgage, and it’s not as hard – or as expensive – as most people think. Gone are the days of huge interest rates and deposits.

The Lure of Low Interest Mortgages but No Expertise

Sure, I can understand the excitement you may feel when you hear about mortgages with incredibly low interest rates. The fact is that if you have bad credit, you won’t be eligible for the lowest interest rate home loans. The majority of mobile mortgage brokers and banks don’t specialise in the area of bad credit loans. They look after the customers who have good credit, because they’re ‘quick and easy’ to secure loans for. Even knowing this, you may be tempted to choose a bad credit mortgage expert based upon the interest rate alone, however this isn’t the best approach.

Make sure you do your research! Find a proven bad credit mortgage expert to help you turn your financial situation around for good and secure the mortgage that works for you!