Secured Business Line of Credit

A secured business and investment loan facility is normally associated with clients seeking quick funding for reasons ranging from cash flow assistance, construction, bridging finance, property settlement and short term finance for any other business purpose. Facility is a line of credit that can be secured by either 1st mortgage, 2nd mortgage or caveat on prime securities such as Residential or Commercial real estate or can be secured against unencumbered luxury goods such as luxury and classic cars, boats, jewelry, art, luxury watches, gold & precious metals and fine wine etc. Luxury goods will be stored in a safe location with the assets returned to you once the loan is paid out.

Suitable for borrowers who do not have access to financial statements and tax returns and/or borrowers who have a less than perfect credit history (eg paid/unpaid defaults etc)

The loan purpose must be predominantly for any worthwhile business and or investment purpose. Possible purposes are:

  • Business overdraft or working capital
  • Bridging Finance
  • Purchase a business
  • Buy new plant or equipment
  • Buy stock
  • Business cash flow
  • Pay tax or other work related expenses wages, legal fees, advertising etc
  • Business repairs and maintenance
  • Council approvals/Head works
  • Construction completion including Owner Builders
  • Bridging the unexpected “gap”
  • Fund a commercial or industrial property purchase where the bank cannot settle in time
  • Fast capital access while waiting for property or personal asset sale
  • Settlements within 72 hours on approved applications
  • Rates from 1% per month on 1st mortgages and from 2% per month on 2nd mortgages or caveats.
  • Line of Credit – Draw up or down as required as a business overdraft would allow.
  • Interest is calculated daily on the closing balance of the loan
  • Repayments can be either paid monthly in arrears or compounded and capitalised
  • No max or min loan term (the maximum term will be determined by the proposed exit strategy)
  • No Minimum or Maximum Loan Amounts
  • No early repayment fee
  • Will go to 90% LVR of desktop short sale valuation on Prime Residential Property and 80% of Prime Commercial Property.
  • Will go to 70% LVR of Lenders Valuation for Luxury Goods.
  • We don’t stop at just finding the finance. We’ll help complete the paperwork, manage the application process and follow it through to approval.

Talk to an Expert:

We have mortgage brokers that specialise in Business Loans with many lenders that most mortgage brokers do not have on their books. Please complete our Application Form or Phone Direct and you can discuss your situation with an expert as it is important to deal with a broker that has several options and is experienced in dealing with Self Employed Lending.

If you wish to proceed, then we will help you to complete all the necessary paperwork and liaise with the lender on your behalf. This will include the completion and submission of your home loan application and the on-going communication between all parties until your home purchase is settled